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3 reasons why you should start working out in the morning

If you count yourself among the people who postpone tens of minutes the morning alarm and wake up at the last moment to prepare for work, the reasons why you should do work out in the morning will motivate you.

Although it seems very difficult, in time you will get used to it, and the benefits of waking up in the morning and work out will bring you great satisfaction. So how exactly will switching your workout time change your life? Find out below:

Increases energy during the day

Many of us cannot imagine the morning without a cup of coffee and only after that we are ready for daily activities. Have you ever tried doing a good morning workout instead of coffee? The results of many studies showed that going up the stairs for 10 minutes will give you more energy than 1 cup of coffee. This doesn’t mean you should stop drinking coffee, but the combination of caffeine and physical activity can charge you even more with energy.

Morning workout is one of the best ways to keep your energy up throughout the day. Due to morning training, the body and mind will perform daily tasks more easily. During exercise, the lungs and heart are supplied with oxygen and nutrients, which improves the body’s endurance and performance. Therefore, increasing energy reduces fatigue and relieves exhaustion.

Improves good mood

It is scientifically proven that exercise improves mood and is beneficial in combating depression and anxiety. After training, the body eliminates endorphins, which reduce stress and pain. Endorphins are eliminated from the body regardless of the time of training. Morning exercises help you get to work happier in the morning and you will have a better mood throughout the day. If you train in the evening, then go to bed, you will not enjoy the effects of endorphins as much as after the morning workout.

Increases attention

An advantage of morning workout is that it helps in better blood circulation and improves blood flow to the brain. 30 minutes of training is enough and the brain begins to work better and becomes more resistant to disorders. Thanks to the morning exercises, you can improve memory, the ability to solve a number of problems and attention.

This was confirmed by the researchers who tested the impact of morning exercises on improving cognitive skills. 65 men and women participated in this study. The participants’ role was to run 30 minutes on a treadmill and every half hour, during the day, take a 3-minute break for walking. The combination of these activities has proven to be the best way to improve executive functions, such as: flexibility, space orientation, thinking, planning, decision-making power.

In particular, the period between 25 and 45 years is crucial for physical exercise, because the brain loses vitality with age, and its cognitive abilities decline after the age of 45. Regular training enhances the activity of chemicals in the brain and helps prevent hippocampal degeneration that acts on learning ability, memory and spatial movement.

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